business has a soul

Does your business have a soul?

This is not a rhetorical question and I’m not asking if it has soul in the sense of whether or not it’s run in a soulful way. Do you believe that, like all organic beings, your business has its own soul?

I had a brief conversation with my wife a few weeks ago, where this question was raised. Although I didn’t give it too much attention at the time, my thoughts kept going back to the possibility that businesses do indeed have a soul. I later realised that this helped me catalyse my own business in such a way into what it has now become.

The basic idea is that yes, every business does have a soul. A business is something that is created usually from an idea or a spark of inspiration, and its creator breathes life into it. The business grows and needs constant input and attention to get bigger and stronger, and to thrive.

This is the very essence of life itself so in a very real way each business will also have a soul inside, and it feeds on the nature of the business and what the creator puts into it.

You can (and should) talk to your business, to its soul. Ask it where it sees itself going. It’s easy to set a course and head off in that direction and pay little heed to the signposts and diversions along the way. But as you journey, you change and evolve and the signposts are there for a reason. So every now and then you should check that the original destination is what you still want or whether the journey itself is more important. You may even find that the original destination may have evolved into something bigger to align with your own growth.

The soul of the business is a great navigator. And by listening you can get the best guidance on where you as the captain need to steer it. By listening to the guidance and following the path, you will take your business to where it is destined to be.

I personally found that to go where I wanted with my business, I had to change direction. It wasn’t a huge about-turn or anything dramatic – more a case of steering into the wind for plain sailing. Although social media services are what I offer, I wasn’t asking my business what would set me apart, what is my USP? The answer helped me adjust my position and focus clearly on what Sprint Social should do rather than what it could do.

Before, I was offering the same as every other social media services business, but by connecting the true soul of my business means that I now run pretty much everything through an authenticity ‘filter’. If I am not being authentic then it’s not going to work and why would people want to use my services?

At the end of the day, by being authentic and true to the soul of your business, you will attract the right people and be on the path to abundance and prosperity for your business.

Helping heart-centred businesses achieve more with their Social media. IDM certified social media professional. Contributor @socialmedia2day