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There is no doubt surrounding the importance of having a blog for your business. By producing engaging content, blogs serve many purposes; it is the easiest way to communicate timely and relevant information with your clients and customers. It is also one of the most important aspects of SEO as search engines reward fresh and valuable content.

Blogging is also central to your content marketing. Blog posts can be shared again and again across social media and are a great way to share your expertise in your niche. It is also the most cost-effective marketing investment you can make to promote your business.


1. Write catchy blog post headlines

Not as simple as it sounds and I always end up doing this last. I have a rough ‘working’ title when I write. When I finish the article I read through and see if the working title still fits or needs adjusting to suit the content. Once I have a better idea of whether the headline matches the content I sometimes head over to CoSchedule and use their headline analyzer┬áto test and tweak further if required.


2. Be Consistent

You need to post as often as you can but realistically speaking this will tend to be no more than once weekly for most businesses. This is a good aim though and provides a steady stream of fresh content that the search engines will love. Just ensure that your blog content is as high quality as possible – they don’t all need to be a literary work of art, but do make the effort to provide valuable and engaging content to keep your readers returning for more.


3. There are words and there are keywords

If you use WordPress you are probably using the Yoast plugin (or should be). Within their SEO score, they refer to keyword density which is the percentage of keywords used based on the number of words in your post. Yoast gives you a guide and optimizing your blog posts to meet the keyword density is another part of the writing process that should not be overlooked.


4. Check the readability

Once again, if you are using Yoast then you will probably have seen the Flesch reading ease score. It is not known if readability is used as a ranking factor or if Google uses a variation of it within their algorithm. But take the view that you should write so that people and search engines both find your content easy to read. Difficult text will undoubtedly lead to high bounce rates and this will eventually lead to a lower ranking as your content will be deemed low quality.
Always double-check your spelling and grammar. I like to read through, out loud to see how it flows and whether it all makes sense. Better still, ask someone else to read your work as they are more likely to spot errors that you will overlook.
Top tip – I use Grammarly a lot for my posts. It catches the basic errors easily and being web-based I can easily edit on the fly with access from any device.


5. Provide a mix of content

A good way to show your personality is to intersperse your posts with entertaining and relatable stories alongside your educational, informative content. I am working on producing some “Edu-tainment” content – Educational + Entertaining = Edu-tainment. So watch this space.
Remember to be authentic and let your personality and natural voice come through in your blog posts.

By implementing these simple steps you will generate an increase in your blog traffic.

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