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Live video has proved itself as one of the most effective forms in which brands and marketers communicate with their audience. Facebook Live in particular has shown incredible engagement rates – initial data revealed that people comment 10x more on Facebook Live video’s than on regular video’s. Using live video however does require a different approach which begins prior to the broadcast even being done


Spontaneous broadcasts can (and do!) work but to be most effective there should be some planning ahead. Remember, that first impressions matter so be prepared.

Announce your broadcast ahead of time and on which platform. Also, let your audience know what the broadcast will be about.

Make sure you have the relevant equipment you require. Although you can use programs such as OBS Studio to broadcast from your desktop PC, most will use their smartphone. When using a smartphone, ensure that it’s secure (you can buy small tripods for this).

Also ensure you have adequate lighting. Most indoor lighting isn’t really suitable so unless you have a dedicated light (such as diva light) then use daylight.

Note that titles are important so ensure you have a catchy headline. You can also put your CTA in the video description as well. You also have the option of editing the headline after the broadcast if necessary.

Tip – turn Airplane mode on to prevent it ringing or receiving texts or other notifications during the broadcast.


Make sure you keep notes handy and ideally propped up next to the camera. These need not be detailed, just enough to remind you of your talking points and to keep you on track.

Introduce yourself and establish your credibility. Don’t ramble on and provide VALUE based content. The best Live video’s are typically short, value-based and actionable.

Keep things entertaining and engaging and acknowledge people who join in live. It’s also worth encouraging people to comment during the broadcast to keep them engaged and makes a real impression. Remember to add in verbal CTA’s (calls-to-action) and repeat these as more people join in live as the broadcast continues.

Try to talk like you would to one customer. This will relieve the pressure and help you keep it real.

Don’t end without a call-to-action. Let people know exactly what they can do. i.e. “if you have questions leave them in the comments below”; or “make sure you hit the subscribe button if you’re on desktop so you’ll receive a notification next time I go live.”
If you have a freebie or offer you can also offer the link to go and get it.


Remember that Facebook live broadcasts are automatically uploaded to your Facebook page so keep promoting to further increase your audience. This also allows you to create great follow-up video’s and provide continuity.

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