How to use Google Fonts on your WordPress Site

I love WordPress and according to the statistics I’ve been reading, I’m not alone. Check out these incredible WordPress statistics.

As much as I love it though, there are various oddities that are irritating if not downright infuriating.

I am a self-taught WordPress user although I do hail from a time before such user-friendly sites and know my HTML. And I would say that on the whole WordPress does allow the creation of some great sites with relative ease. Great themes, great plug-ins – what’s not to love?

But always, and I mean always, there’s one little thing that I don’t like about a particular theme that I may be running. Most of the time I can either:
a) find a workaround
b) live with it
c) find another theme

I love my current theme (Hestia by ThemeIsle) and it covers all my needs … but … I have been stuck with the standard WordPress fonts.

Erm, Arial? No. Georgia? No. Times New Roman? No. And therefore, I had to plump for Helvetica. And this only applies to my blog – how the hell do I change the font on the homepage? This is 2017 – why can’t I have Open Sans even?

I did some Googling and found a few options to install Google fonts but they involved lots of hoop-jumping, and I don’t like hoops and I don’t like jumping!

I finally stumbled across a saviour though in the form of a plugin – Easy Google Fonts.
Once downloaded and activated, it adds a Typography section right into the Customizer. You can apply the fonts site-wide at the touch of a button. Although this meant my font-awesome icons got decimated too so I had to go another route – didn’t I mention there’s always something and I had to find a workaround (option A).

But now I have a font I like (Yay for Heebo) and can always change this with the greatest of ease should I feel the need.

So if you want total font control with easy access to 600+ Google fonts with no need for coding or hoop-jumping, then check out this great plugin. It’s got over 300,000+ active installs and is compatible with the latest version of WordPress (4.7.4)

Let me know what fonts you love to use on your WordPress site. I’d love to hear from you.


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