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One interesting aspect of marketing relates to colour. Branding is one of the most important points related to colour perception. Although the image below gives a broad overview of emotions related to colour, the truth is that colour is more dependant on personal experiences to be tied to specific feelings. However, there are messaging patterns that can be found within these colour perceptions and this should be considered when choosing brand colours.

what colours mean  Source: TripleWide Media

Colour is the first thing a consumer will notice about your logo.

A look at The World’s Top 100 Brands (determined by brand value) finds that:
29% use Red
33% use Blue
28% use Black or Grayscale
13% use Yellow or Gold

Furthermore, 95% use one or two colours, 41% use text only and 9% don’t feature the company name at all.

BrAND colours in use

Checking through popular businesses, Orange is popular – Neil Patel and Rebekah Radice notably use this. Orange combines the brightness and cheer of Yellow with the energy and boldness of Red to make a colour full of life and excitement.

A bit rarer to find is the good use of Black – Gary Vaynerchuk does it well though. Black symbolises classic sophistication and works well for expensive products.

Many major social platforms use Blue – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. This is arguably the most popular colour choice for brand colours. This is believed to be calming and is reminiscent of the sky and ocean.

Red is an aggressive and energetic colour and evokes a passionate response. It has the ability to increase heart rate, make breathing more rapid and also activates the pituitary gland. Coco Cola and Ferrari favour Red.

Green has strong connections with the environment and has long been a symbol of fertility and healing. Popular brands using Green are Xbox and Android.


When choosing brand colours it’s important to keep in mind that 84% of consumers cite colour as the primary reason they buy a particular product. And Ads in colour are read up to 42% more often than the same Ads in black and white.

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