5 Way to Grow Your Facebook Page Without Ads

A vast majority of businesses with a social media presence are using Facebook as one of the primary tools in their arsenal. As of December 31st last year, monthly active users numbered 1.86 billion so it’s easy to see the appeal of having a presence on there. But with opportunity comes competition and to make yourself stand out and build a thriving Facebook page takes a little bit of work.

Here are 5 ways to give yourself an edge in building your Facebook Page without resorting to Facebook Ads.

Is Facebook the same as other social platforms?

All platforms are different. It’s important to understand how people use Facebook and why they use the platform.

People generally use Facebook to socialise with their friends and family and share news. They also predominantly will interact with the information and content that is appearing in their news feed rather than actively seeking out all the pages they follow. For this reason, it’s important to be consistent and post frequently as only a small amount of your followers will see each piece of content. Use your page insights to determine the optimum time to schedule your posts.

You need to craft your content to appeal to this activity. There is no point posting lengthy business-orientated posts on Facebook, keep those for LinkedIn. As a general rule (which goes for all platforms), make it value-based.

You should minimise posting articles or content that leads users off of the platform. The Facebook algorithm will not favour content that does this. If you are sharing videos that you create, make sure you upload them directly to Facebook rather than linking to YouTube of Vimeo. Native Facebook content will perform much better.

What content performs the best?

Harness the power of visual content. As users are scrolling through their news feed they are more likely to scroll right past a piece of text rather than an image or video. Facebook has made videos autoplay presumably to capture immediate attention. They are testing videos autoplaying with the sound on as well, which has reportedly received positive feedback in tests.

Also, note that Live Streaming gets even greater reach than pre-recorded video content. You will need to experiment with posting times and length of video content to see what resonates best with your audience.

If you want to repost older videos as if they are a new post there are ways to achieve this. Simply go to your Facebook Page, click on the Publishing tools tab and on the left click videos. This opens up your video library. Click on the video you want and you’ll see Create Post With Video down the bottom.

Re-post Video Screenshot

Tagging Relevant Pages

You can experiment with tagging relevant Facebook pages when posting content. This can help with the chances of the organizations or business sharing that post. As with most things moderation should be exercised so don’t go overboard.

A similar tactic is to join lots of Facebook groups that are within the same niche as you. Be sure to always post quality and engaging content from your page to the groups but ensure that it is group appropriate and always follow the guidelines for the specific group.

Build relationships

You should always work on connecting with those who visit your page and encourage them to participate. You can ask thought-provoking questions, post a funny photo asking them to “Caption This”, and even run contests. With contests do your homework first, check out this recent Social Media Today article on Running an Effective Facebook Contest.

You can always connect with similar pages and ask to do a “share for share”. Offer to share their most engaging content, in exchange for them sharing yours. This is a simple and easy way to earn more engagement, increase your reach and grow your page organically.

Timely Content

Share relevant and timely content to capitalize on topics that are happening right now. This translates into relevance – and a relevant Facebook Page is more likely to appear organically in the news feed.

You can also use Facebooks Audience Optimization to reach the people most likely to engage with your posts. You can enable this in your page settings under the General Tab and turn on Audience Optimization for Posts. When you post you will have a small target icon down the bottom allowing you to fine-tune your preferred audience.

A Word About Facebook Ads

This article is all about growing your Facebook Page without Ads but something should be said regarding Ads as the do have a very valid place within the realms of Facebook business pages.

Boosting posts is a low-cost option and allows the post to stay on the news feed and allow for engagement. The objective of boosted posts in the eyes of Facebook is to promote post engagement. Facebook optimizes boosted posts for engagement and not link clicks. Therefore don’t use this option to get clicks to your website, be aware that this is to promote engagement on the post in question. If you are okay with this then boost away but if you are looking for better targeting options, control over ad placement etc. then you should explore using the Facebook Ads manager.

This allows you to choose a campaign objective, target more effectively and have complete control of where your Ad shows up. With this option, you can not only increase engagement but also get users to take action such as visit your website or sign up or register for more info.

These are some basic ways to grow your page. Hopefully, they’ll help you to increase your reach, engagement and followers and help your Facebook page be a success.

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