Why aren’t 24% of Small Businesses Using Social Media?

A recent survey by Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and review firm, was performed to ascertain digital marketing habits and goals for small businesses in 2017. It found that 24% of small businesses are not using social media, with 8% unlikely to ever expect to use it.

An unwise decision in the modern marketplace

Social media is a digital form of marketing that small businesses really cannot afford to ignore. With the conventional forms of high street shopping on the decline, and online shopping continuing to expand, the importance of a social media presence has never been higher. Coupled with the more expensive and lesser-reaching effects of tradtional marketing, small businesses should embrace the use of social media marketing to bolster their wider business objectives.

Encouraging signs for businesses using social media

The survey showed that of the businesses using social media, Facebook led the way as the platform of choice with 91% having a presence there. Proving that virtually all businesses see Facebook as a viable and vital choice. The benefits of Facebook for small businesses are easy to see, with almost 2 billion users and great advertising options if you are willing to go the paid advertising route.

An encouraging indication in the report revealed that 43% of small businesses using social media shared content/engaged followers multiple times a day. A further 28% managed once a day. It’s worth noting that different channels require differing methods regarding posting content and therefore frequency of posts and engagement on the platform should be catered to suit.

The benefits of using social media

For those small businesses using social media, the survey shows that 25% have seen an increase in audience growth and the same amount reporting increased clicks to their websites.

Understandably, over 50% of small businesses are relying on in-house staff to run their social media marketing. But a growing number have wisely adopted using the services of a consultant or freelancer, and also use social media management software to help them.

It’s great to see that most small businesses have taken to social media and seem to be generating results. For those not using it I would advise starting as soon as possible with building a presence on Facebook as a minimum. Once this is done, be engaged with your fans and followers and build your audience. Do not shy away from getting help from a consultant or freelancer/agency who is able to manage or strategise your social media to get the most out of it.

With time and consistency you can make social media marketing a necessary and contributing factor to the success of your small business.

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Alan Creasey

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